v Recommendations - Tennis coach Wrocław, Marcin Chlebowski


"I know Marcin Chlebowski and have been following his professional career closely. When he was in the national team, I could see his diligence and devotion. He still has a great potential as a tennis player. I think that through his coaching career, he will be able to pass his skills to both future professional and amateur tennis players."
"Marcin Chlebowski, while being a member of the Polish national tennis team, proved to be a hard-working and ambitious player. He had great sport accomplishments in Poland and abroad. I am convinced that as a tennis coach, he will be just as successful, and his coaching skills and knowledge will allow him to train excellent future tennis players."
"Dear Sir or Madam, I believe that by selecting Marcin as your tennis coach, you are making a great choice. I am sure that he has high aptitude for teaching to play tennis correctly, at the same time ensuring that the time spent at the tennis court is enjoyable. He has high expectations, but thanks to his extensive knowledge and experience you will be able to achieve continuous progress and have fun while training with him. I highly recommend his services!"
"Marcin completed his coaching specialisation programme under my supervision. While carrying out his internship, he demonstrated that he had a great attitude towards training children, young people and adults. He was able to teach them the correct technique and tactics very quickly. Moreover, I noticed that the lessons he conducted were interesting and exciting. I can honestly recommend him as a tennis coach."
"If you want to learn how to play tennis well, I believe that Marcin is a good choice! During each training session, he pays attention to all details to ensure that the lessons as effective as possible. I often listen to his advice about my players, as his feedback is very valuable. Additionally, he is able to play at a very high level himself, therefore his lessons will be helpful not only for amateur, but also professional players."